Ms Annabell Returns With Their Second Single From Upcoming Sophomore Album

The esteemed gentlemen of Swedish four-piece Ms Annabell returns with their second single from the upcoming sophomore album “Heartbreaker” (due to be released later this year), once again showcasing their genre breaking blend of rock/punk/glam/indie.

The track in question; ‘Ms Annabell‘ is an energetic discharge containing equal parts glittering danceability, emotional melancholy, and powerful attitude, with irresistible hooks and melodies that reels you in close before bursting into a fabulous chorus that will set your head spinning, your heart pounding and your feet moving.

Ms Annabell was formed in 2015, initially under the name Annabell, by the four members Johan, Jack, Simon and Gustav. They play energetic rock with influences from among other things garage, indie, punk and also pop, synth and electro.

In 2017 the album ‘Annabell‘ was released, containing seven tracks, five of which have accompanying music videos. Aside from being released on all digital platforms, a limited edition of physical vinyls were produced.

Ms Annabell is a band best experienced live, since it’s on a stage in front of a crowd that the music and the band come into their own, with a raw, uplifting energy and just the right amount of cockines that can only partially be captured on a recording.

Ms Annabell is once again asking you to dance. You would be wise to accept.


Johan Ericsson – Vocals

Simon Westerdahl – Guitar

Jack Nykvist – Bass

Gustav Lindberg – Drums

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