The Quireboys Keyboardist Keith Weir On Spike’s Departure: ‘We Have To Move on’

The Quireboys keyboardist Keith Weir has commented on the band’s sacking of founder and frontman Spike.

It was last Tuesday when The Quireboys released a short statement that they had parted ways with their singer, founder and only original member, Spike, and they were continuing as a five-piece band, much to the shock of the rock community.

Spike later confirmed his sacking and it was via a  letter signed by “3 of MY band members” and he promised to make an official statement at a later date.

The blowback of Spike’s sacking is already in evidence with The Tivoli in Buckley and Nightrain in Bradford cancelling the upcoming apperence by The Quireboys concerts citing ‘a high volume of refund requests‘.

Ahead of the band’s first UK gig since Spike‘s departure at the Empire Music Hall in Belfast this Friday (8th April) , keyboardist Keith Weir spoke to the Belfast Telegraph’s Sunday Life and he confirmed that he was one of the band members who signed the letter firing Spike.

I was a signatory of the letter, for sure. I can’t say too much. There’s been a few issues over the years and it’s just come to a head. We’re definitely going to be there in Belfast. Griff our guitar player will be singing.

We had to do that on the Monsters of Rock cruise in America (in February) as well, so we have already been through this a few times and done a couple of big festivals in Sweden without him.

It’s just basically come to the point where we’ve just had to go our separate ways.

It’s not great. I don’t like it, but we have to move on. Even though he’s a founding member, we’ve got to move on with our own thing.

We’ve got a lot of options to play a lot of different material. We’ve got so many options that Griff has written and more recent albums that we’ve never had the chance to play, so we’re going to be doing all of that plus all the main songs.”