River Rise Band Releases New EP ‘Leave Behind’

River Rise Band, formed by Juliana von Mühlen (vocals) and Márcio Arend (guitars), is about to release their new EP, ‘Leave Behind‘, which will be available on all streaming platforms from March 1st 2022 on. In 2021, the band released their debut album, ‘Right Path‘, on streaming as well as physical media, in a limited edition.

Leave Behind‘ is composed of four songs and has Rock and Classic Rock features. The EP has the confrontation between past and present, as the main theme, an inner conflict that makes us reflect, makes us consider the possibility of leaving everything behind and moving forward. All these elements are presented in the good old combination of drums, bass, guitar and vocals, and establish a harmonic dialog among the expressive guitar lines from Márcio Arend, and the voice melodies from Juliana von Mühlen. Together, such elements compose a strong and energetic sound.

The new EP has been composed, produced and recorded by the band itself, completely independent in their home studio, in the last months of 2021. Juliana is responsible for the lyrics; and Márcio, besides recording the guitars, drums and bass, also takes care of the sound mixing and the mastering. Currently, the musicians are working on the launching of their first album, ‘Right Path‘, and preparing new songs to be released in 2022.

To follow the band and for more information, go to www.riverriseband.com and https://linktr.ee/riverriseband.