Letchen Grey Release New Single ‘Burn’

Letchen Grey, the 3 piece rock band from Los Angeles, influenced by the music of the 70’s and 80’s, has a new, hard-hitting single, ‘Burn‘ out now.

You may remember Letchen Grey from their nights on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles back in the mid 1980’s. Fast forward to 2021, when they decided to join forces again to produce jagged rhythm grooves and authentic vocals with an attitude.

Letchen Grey is led by members Mark Andersen (rhythm guitar), Eric Asevo (vocals/bass) and Tony Ross (drums).

Alan Niven, former manager for Guns N’ Roses and Great White, and producer of ‘Burn‘ says the song is, “A simple expression of contempt for the cankered soul of Los Angeles, a city with no moral compass, no communal intelligence and a determination for personal indulgence before all else. It is an endless source of wretched media effluent. As the traditional destination of reinvention it seems that all wish to transform into their worst selves.

Andersen says that Letchen Grey is working on 6 new singles they’re about to record and looks forward to playing shows soon. “We do our best to invoke an emotional connection to our listeners by playing unforgettable music with lyrics that relate to everyone.

Burn‘ was produced by Chris Catero and Alan Niven.

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