The Rods ‘Metal Will Never Die’ (The Official Live Bootleg Box Set 1981-2010) To Be Released By Cherry Red Records

Cherry Red Records (UK) will release The Rods – ‘Metal Will Never Die‘, the Official Live Bootleg 4 CD Box Set 1981-2010 on February 25, 2022.

The 4 cds feature live sets from 1981, 1982, 2009 and 2010.

While every effort has been made to produce the best possible audio, limitations in the material drawn from various, non-standard, and unofficial sources means that the quality may not be up to the standard usually expected. All tracks have been included for their historical importance.

The Rods debut album, ‘Rock Hard‘, was released in 1980, re-titled simply ‘The Rods‘ the following year. It was swiftly followed by the ‘Full Throttle‘ EP, material from these releases making up the bulk of CD 1 which was recorded across two concerts in 1981 and 1982 in the heavy metal stronghold city of El Paso, Texas.

Finding champions in the rock and metal press, especially UK’s Kerrang magazine, they released the ‘Wild Dogs‘ LP in 1982. Their rising popularity making them the perfect opening act for Iron Maiden on their Beast On The Road UK tour, which is captured on CD 2.

Reunited in 2008 after a 2 decade abscence, Feinstein, Canedy and Bordonaro became once again firm festival favorites, especially in Europe as captured live at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany in 2009 which is featured on CD 3.

Comeback album ‘Vengeance‘ was released in 2011 to positive reviews, featuring tracks that had been previously previewed at a performance in their hometown of Cortland, New York in 2010, which is featured here on CD 4.

The Rods – ‘Metal Will Never Die’ The Official Live Bootleg 4 CD Box Set 1981-2010

Track Listing:

CD 1

El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, August 27, 1981

1 Angels Never Run
2 Get Ready To Rock ‘N’ Roll
3 Crank It Up
4 Drum Solo
5 Power Lover

El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, September 3, 1982

6 Rockin’ And Rollin’ Again
7 Waiting For Tomorrow
8 Get Ready To Rock ‘N’ Roll
9 Guitar Solo
10 Too Hot To Stop
11 Drum Solo
12 Power Lover

CD 2

Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK – March 8, 1982

1 Rockin’ And Rollin’ Again
2 Waiting For Tomorrow
3 Get Ready To Rock ‘N’ Roll
4 Nothing Going On In The City
5 Too Hot To Stop
6 Crank It Up
7 Guitar Solo
8 Getting Higher
9 Rabid Thunder (Drum Solo)
10 Power Lover

CD 3

Headbangers Open Air festival – Germany – July 25, 2009

1 Make Me Believer / Raise Some Hell
2 Hurricane
3 Devils Child
4 Let Them Eat Metal
5 Born To Rock
6 Get Ready To Rock ‘N’ Roll
7 Burned By Love
8 Too Hot To Stop
9 Rabid Thunder (Drum Solo)
10 Violation
11 Waiting For Tomorrow
12 Hot City
13 Cold Sweat And Blood
14 Wild Dogs
15 Nothing Going On In The City
16 Crank It Up
17 Power Lover
18 The Night Lives To Rock

CD 4

Cortland, New York, 2010

1 Raise Some Hell
2 I Just Wanna Rock
3 Hurricane
4 Devil’s Child
5 Let Them Eat Metal
6 Born To Rock
7 Evil In Me
8 Burned By Love
9 Ride Free Or Die
10 Ace In The Hole
11 Drum Solo
12 Get Ready To Rock ‘N’ Roll
13 Metal Will Never Die

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