Review: Winter Rocks 2021

Review: Winter Rocks 2021

Corporation (December 4th 2021)

Reviewer/photographer: Dan Mann

Finally got chance to put curser to screen and jot down a quick write up of the first Winter Rocks.

So a week ago I headed into the Arctic…sorry I mean The Corporation, for what was a cold but enjoyable festival. Some of the bands I knew, some I’d seen before and some were new to me, all of which add up to what a festival should be.

Also a good indicator is the number of positives compared with any negative points. For me the only negatives were as mentioned before how cold the venue was, plus the lighting wasn’t great on Stage 2, something us photographers will always moan about, and at times the sound on either stage was a bit wooly.

And so to the bands themselves. Did I like every band, well if I’m honest not all of them were my taste, however they all gave it 100% and entertained the crowd, so job well done.

Hat’s off to Upstaged for putting on another great event, a special mention to those fine chaps from VEGA for stepping in at the last minute due to original headliners Crazy Lixx having to withdraw due to a family situation.

Roll on the next Winter Rocks, tickets for which are already available: here