Review: Jamie Porter Band – MMXXI

Review: Jamie Porter Band – MMXXI

Forge Music Group (October 8th 2021)

Reviewer: Chris O’Connor

This is a new outfit for me, but I was immediately taken with their music from ‘the off’. Describing themselves as ‘Alt Country/Blues Rock, but I honestly don’t here much of an Alt Country influence here – maybe once it was true, but these days the band’s sound is rooted in ‘70’s Hard Blues Rock. The band these days features two Porter Brothers: Jamie (guitars/vocals), and Danny (bass guitars/vocals), who are joined by Jason Edmunds (drums).

Mmxxi’ is a compilation of the band’s best known/favourite songs, re-recorded to show how the band sounds in 2021, and they show themselves to be a very impressive and cohesive unit indeed. Jamie proves himself to be a fluid and rhythmic guitarist, creating big muscular riffs, replete with extremely tasteful solos, he’s definitely somebody with a bright future. Danny and Jason are a strong and rock-steady rhythm section, providing Jamie with the perfect base to build on.

Jamie’s voice is pleasant and clear, although he’s not yet found his full potential as a singer, I feel that will come with time. The guys do know how to right big, hook-laden choruses, I imagine these find big audience singalongs in the live environment. Not all the songs on here hit the mark as they could or should, but when they do … oh wow! Listen to the likes of ‘The Sound Of The Summer’, which is nigh on complete perfection – in a perfect world, this would be a massive hit!

Opener ‘Ready For Action’ is an absolutely massive statement of intent, and this band is no one-trick-pony, they’re more than happy to mix up styles and tempo’s, when they groove, you can’t help but feel yourself going with them … listen to ‘The Last Train’ if you want proof, it’s glorious stuff.

I genuinely believe the Jamie Porter Band has a bright future ahead of them if ‘MMXXI’ is anything to go by, my only regret is not discovering them sooner, ah well – a case of better late than never! Do yourselves a big favour, go out and buy this very worthy compilation, and then go one step better, get out and support them when they tour … you really won’t regret it!