Review: Autumn’s Child – Angel’s Gate

Review: Autumn’s Child – Angel’s Gate

(AOR Heaven February 26th 2021)

Reviewer: David Pearce

Autumn’s Child are a group founded by Swedish Rock legend Mikael Erlandsson who has previously played with Secret Service and Last Autumn’s Dream. The self-titled debut was released in 2019 to a large amount of positive press and the follow up has been eagerly awaited. So, let’s see what its like.

The opening track ‘Where Angels Cry‘ opens with a gorgeous piano solo before moving into an 80s style rock tune that reminds me of Europe. It is a really great start to the album that shows off the great vocals of Mikael Erlandsson not to mention some pretty epic guitar work from Pontus Akesson.  ‘Aquarias Sky‘ just takes you back to the late 80s heyday of Whitesnake with an effective vocal once again plus great playing by bass player Johan Stromberg and drummer Robban Back.

Don’t Say it’s Love‘ has a Survivor style introduction with a more restrained vocal that works very effectively on this track. It’s a really infectious track that is an instant singalong. ‘A Tear from the Sky‘ starts with another gorgeous piano solo courtesy of Jona Tee before moving into a classic rock ballad. A stunning Queen like anthem it is my favourite track on the album and definitely one of the best tracks so far this year.

Love is not an Enemy‘ cranks up the volume once again with a Def Leppard style stomper that will go down really well live especially because of another brilliant chorus which this album has in abundance. ‘Dream of America‘ starts off with some ELO style layering that works very well before moving into a verse that has unmistakable echoes of Breakfast in America by Supertramp. Being a fan of that particular group I thoroughly enjoyed it, but even if you aren’t it will definitely work its way into your head.

Straight Between the Eyes‘ returns to the 80s rock template of Europe with a little bit of The Scorpions thrown in on the vocals. It’s another brilliantly crafted song that I thoroughly enjoyed. ‘Don’t Ever Leave Me‘ has a Billy Joel style vocal which shows off another side of Erlandsson’s talents and is another favourite of mine from an album that is full of songs that draw you in. ‘A Piece of Work‘ is great fun with tongue in cheek vocals as the singer whose ‘hair is dull and face is scary’ talks about his girl who loves him anyway!

Only Love can Save the World‘ is another Billy Joel song that develops another infectious hook and never outstays its welcome. The final track ‘Your Words‘ finishes an excellent album on a high note. It is a soaring ballad with an understated but effective musical accompaniment that has you lighting up your phone!

I know its early, but I really think this album is going to take a lot of beating this year. I loved it!