Review: DeWolf – WOLFFPACK

Review: DeWolf – WOLFFPACK

Mascot Records (February 5th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Dutch psychedelic trio DeWolff are back with yet another new release. To say these guys are productive is a bit of an understatement, delivering new material to their fanbase on a regular basis.

Yep, I count myself as one of those fans, thoroughly enjoyed the band’s output and their attention not only to detail but their love of all things analogue, something which isn’t ‘fashionable’ in the wider market.

The Covid epedemic brought the band’s tour supporting their previous release the ‘Tascam Tapes‘ to a grinding halt. But instead of sitting on their hands the band set up a “DeWolff Demo Panel” WhatsApp group where guitarist Pablo van de Poel, drumnmer Luka van de Poel and keyboardist Robin Piso exchanged ideas. From this thhe band started a subscription Wolffpack service. Those fans that signed up would get three new songs, every two weeks for ten weeks. Also the fans would get to choose the tracklisting for an album, exclusive to them!

What we get with ‘WOLFFPACK‘ is a gloriously heady mixture of a warm 70’s vibe, mixed with that trademark psychedelic sound.

The album really is a joy to listen too, taking you on a journey from the toe tapping intro of ‘Yes You Do‘, to the laid back ‘Do Me‘. ‘Lady J.‘ is an absolute delight to listen to on decent hifi equipment, the layers of sound dragging you and before you know it your head is bobbing and your swaying along to the rhythem. And I can’t forget the lowdown n’ dirtyness of ‘Bona Fide‘ with it’s fuzzy bass.

While DeWolff could easily jump in a time machine back several decades and still fit in, the album sounds no way dated or overly nostalgic.

Grab yourselves a copy and envelope yourselves in what is a much needed uplift in these dificult times!

Track listing:

1. Yes You Do
2. Treasure City Moonchild
3. Do Me
4. Sweet Loretta
5. Half Of Your Love
6. Lady J
7. Roll Up The Rise
8. Bona Fide
9. R U My Savior?
10. Hope Train

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