Review: Joel Miller – Memoir Of A Roadie

Review: Joel Miller – Memoir Of A Roadie

Albion Entertainment, Inc. (8 Aug. 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

I was unaware of this tome until an email dropped into the Rockposer mail box from Joel Miller asking if we’d consider reviewing his book ‘Memoir Of A Roadie‘.

As an avid book worm I’ve always got a book or two on the go at any one time, but rarely read music biz books, so wondered if this particular book would prick my interest.

Memoir Of A Roadie‘ has to be honest a joy to read from start to finish. How the hell Joel remembers every little detail of his rise through the roadie ranks is beyond me, but thankfuly he has.

Joel takes you on a journey from his first job working for a law firm, turning down a job offer his Dad told him about from some bloke called Steve, who turned out to be none other than Steve Wozniak of Apple, although that meant nothing at this particular juncture in time, to working in a studio and hanging with the likes of Poison, to his first tour working for the Stone Temple Pilots, guided by the larger than life roadie head honcho Cesar. Throw in such ‘colourfull’ charactors as Steve, Nigel, Mugs and the lovely wardrobe girl Suzi and your thrown into what is a ‘roadie family’.

There really are some laugh out loud moments, some skin of the teeth ones and also ones you totally get as a music fan, for example Joel getting the chance to roadie for his favorite band Guns And Roses as Axel gathers together a version of the band to play two dates in Las Vegas & Rock In Rio.

At over 480 pages, it’s not a mear notebook of memories, it’s a book that takes us along for the ride!

Highly entertaining and highly recomended, ‘Memoir Of A Roadie‘ is available either in paperback or on Kindle.