Rock Off Fibro Release Compilation CD And DVD

It’s always great seeing someone raising awareness of fibromyalgia, as we did with the two Fibrofests we’ve held.

This time it’s the turn of Rock Off Fibro, who’ve released not only a double CD compilation album but also a double DVD.

Both can be ordered from Here

CD Track list:

1-1–Expelaires – Blue Street Dream
1-2–The Society  – Tears
1-3–The Webb  – Alice In Wonderland
1-4–Glass House Museum – Voyuer
1-5–Skeletal Family – Promised Land (Live)
1-6–1919 – A Hymn To The Night
1-7–Grooving In Green – Post Truth 66.6FM (The Fake Mix)
1-8–Gothzilla – Nightime
1-9–Dawn Of Elysium – Drown
1-10–Rhombus – Amaranthine
1-11–Sex Gang Children – Scream & Shout
1-12–Spear Of DestinyTheatre Of Hate – Kalachnikov (P.E. Mix)
1-13–Evil Blizzard – Tell Me
1-14–The Membranes – Do The Supernova
1-15–Bibles FC – Hypnotised
1-16–System Of Hate  – Unhallowed Ground (Remix)
1-17–Blood4Bones – Mr. Suicide And Me
1-18–Pete Smith – Chronic Fatigue
2-1–Jefferama – It’s The Music That Matters
2-2–Dave Sharp – Mean Mean Hand (Live)
2-3–Boss Caine – Lonesome Crowe
2-4–Scott Hamilton – Never Trust A Dog That Doesn’t Bark
2-5–Andi Sex Gang – Cobra In The Flame
2-6–Folk Grinder – The Passenger
2-7–Ian ProwseAmsterdam – Home (Live)
2-8–Randolf Swain & The Red Lights – She’s An Alien
2-9–Stevie Jones & The Wildfires – 1+1=3
2-10–Headsticks – You’re Killing Me America
2-11–Ferocious Dog – Black Gold
2-12–The Main Grains – Unscrewed
2-13–The Idol Dead – Heart On Sleeve
2-14–The Scaramanga Six– You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance
2-15–The Fiascos – I’ve Seen Your Face Before
2-16–Crazy Pink Revolvers -The Seven (Plastic Eaters Instrumental Remix)
2-17–Spizzenergi – Here Come The Machines (Live)
2-18–Xlerators & The Fibro Warriors – Rock Off Fibro


This album is dedicated in memory of Erin Hayley-Sharp, Carl Sargeant, Harvey, Nan & Dai Williams, Uncle Billy, James Aylward, Dave Nichols & all those that lost the battle… We will win their war XXX
Cover Star: Jackie Williams
Artwork by: Andrew Forcer
Layout by: Martin Aylward