Scotland’s Victorius Release Their New Single

Things have certainly changed over this last  year. We have all missed going to gigs, meeting up with friends and  enjoying live bands. After the year that has passed things will indeed ‘Never Be The Same

Forged in Scotland is proud to present  the new single from Victorius. The song is relevant to the situation we now find ourselves in.

Victorius are a four – piece juggernaut  who kick serious ass. Hailed as the bastard sons of Metallica and Maiden  but with heavier and thrashier overtones they are now leading the charge and flying the flag for the newest wave of British Heavy Metal. Victorius are what great hard rock and metal is all about. Driving bass and drums , brilliant twin guitars and the sort of fist pumping riffage that will have your head banging harder than a barn door in a storm.

As a special  Christmas gift Victorius have made their new single free to download from Bandcamp for the first 200 downloads.

Official Website