Dan Reed Launches His New Solo Album Today

We have ‘Liftoff’! —the launch of Dan Reed’s extraordinary new solo album. Released on Zero One Entertainment’s label and distributed through Townsend Records, the album is now shipping and available to download today.

In a statement from Dan Reed, he says “I am happy to announce the official release date of the new solo album ‘LIFTOFF’ today for CDs, ‘Liftoff’ T Shirts, Signed CDs (100 available) and Digital Downloads on the Links below! All songs will be available on Spotify January 30th 2021. The feedback about the four preview tracks/videos released over the last month and the reviews from the online publications have been most heartening and I would like to thank the wonderful Claire Lloyd for all her great efforts in the getting the word spread about this new album, Ian Kelosky for the sublime mastering job, and Graeme Bell and Anders Gustafsson for the beautiful artwork! It’s truly humbling seeing hard rock publications such as ‘Metal Talk’ state – “There is a genuine lyricism at play here that adds layer upon layer of depth to the gorgeous kaleidoscope of colours, the words just as important to the whole atmosphere as the blissed tapestry of sound.

My only hope is the new music will bring everyone good vibes during these difficult times. Writing and recording these tracks certainly was a source of balance and comfort for myself during this challenging year, and writing a few tracks with such talents as keyboardist Richard Hilton from CHIC, bassist Bengan Jonasson from my solo band and guitarist James Bird from MASON HILL was a great honor and true creative joy! 

Thank you for supporting this new album and I wish everyone a heartwarming holiday season with your family and friends, whether it be in person or over long distances digitally while we close out this crazy year, and let’s hope 2021 brings us back to a deeper appreciation of how valuable human connection is and how precious this world is we call home!

Dan Reed has built an enviable rep for his funk rock with Dan Reed Network, yet ‘Liftoff’ is Dan’s 5th solo album: an odyssey full of mellow, mesmeric music and insightful, spellbinding lyrics which takes listeners upwards and out to the high frontiers of mind and space and back to Earth once again, better able to appreciate the beauty and majesty of life on this rare blue marble.

In a time when so many are grounded and ground down, this cohesive, 11-track album gives the heart and soul a chance to shine and fly free. Links below to order the album and board for ‘Liftoff’, taking a trip into Dan Reed’s chilled-out cosmos.

For Digital Downloads – https://orcd.co/liftoff

For Signed CDs – drn-store.com 

For CDs, T shirts – https://danreed.tmstor.es/

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