Vambo Release ‘We’re Not The Same’ Single On Dec 4th

Vambo’s swaggering and powerful self-itled debut recently received the deluxe treatment when it was re-released on Friday 6 November as ‘Vambo Deluxe‘ featuring five bonus tracks. The second single ‘We’re Not The Same‘ is released on Friday 4 December and is available to pre-save Here. The album, released by Goliath Records is available Here.

We’re Not The Same‘ is my favourite track from the Deluxe album,” says Vambo’s frontman Jack Stiles. “It’s a unique song, quite different from the other tracks melodically. The riff’s dark. There are some heavy parts which we like to take advantage of live. When Pete sent me the basic riff and verse pattern, I was working on a vocal idea where the octave line and the harmony line would marry seamlessly as one, constructed to be a ‘block’ with no discernible lead vocal line. When the music and melody came together, we got something quite special. The lyrics represent that sharing the same traits as someone on the surface does not make you the same person.

The five bonus tracks include ‘Paradise‘, ‘Mistaken Identity‘, ‘Total Jeopardy‘, ‘Dancing with the Devil (Acoustic)‘ and a live recording of the Deep Purple classic ‘Burn‘.

With the addition of their four scintillating new tracks and an exuberant and relentless rendition of one of rock’s great classics, their imaginative artistic style is entirely and unmistakably in the present. Their ability to travel from mighty Purple-esq power to the sheer beauty of an acoustic version of ‘Dancing with the Devil‘ – one of their own power ballads, is outstanding. Vambo have a style and quality that keeps us guessing as to what they’ll come up with next. From this offering, it’s plainly evident that they live without fear in their musical outlook, never shying away from the challenge, providing us with an array of surprises which is both unexpected and refreshing.

Vambo were recently featured in Classic Rock Magazine in their High Hopes spread. The debut album is steeped in sharp musical intelligence and finds the band in full creative tilt delivering hard-hitting, re-tooled classic rock with a contemporary edge.