Elegacy To Release First Two Albums Digitally

Elevate Records are happy to announce that the first two Elegacy albums, that until now were not available, will be released on Elevate Records, for the first time on digital support and on all specialized platforms.

Released in 2005 by Northwind, ‘Impressions‘ will be released in the Metal Relics series in early 2021 while the second ‘The Binding Sequence‘ will be available on December 18th.

Elegacy are one of the best realities of the power prog metal genre in Italy. ‘Impressions‘ had already received rave reviews around the world, but it was with the second album that the band made the leap.
In 2011, in fact, Elegacy come into contact with Mark Zonder, legendary drummer of Fates Warning and Mike Lepond, bassist of Symphony X who, after having listened to the demo of the new album, decide to take part in the recordings. To complete the production with the drafting of the melodies and the arrangement of the choirs is joined by the voice Ivan Giannini (Derdian, Vision Divine).

One of the best power prog albums ever released will come out not only on the Italian scene but also on the international one.

Line up Impressions :
Massimo La Russa (Guitars)
Danilo Bar (Guitars)
Constantin Terzago (Keyboards)
Gianluigi Girardi (Vocals)
Massimiliano Lo Bue (Drums)

Line up TBS:
Massimo La Russa (Guitars)
Constantin Terzago (Keyboards)
Mark Zonder (Drums)
MIke Lepond (Bass)
Ivan Giannini (Vocals)