Trip 6 Announce Their New Album ‘Spit’ & First Single ‘Terrorizer’

Chicago rockers Trip 6 annouce their new album ‘Spit‘, that will be released on November 6th on Dark Star Records. Kevin Munster from Trip 6 said, “This album is a in your face, hard hitting tribute to all the artists we grew up listening to.

Grim Reaper‘s Steve Grimmett, “I was looking forward to hearing this ‘Spit‘ from Trip 6 as I had a first hand experience at hearing the boys live for several weeks but I wasn’t ready for this assault on the senses that I got, this hard hitting powerhouse of an album blew me away.

Steve continues with his review on the first single, “‘Terrorizer‘, I like this track because it’s heavy as fuck but also has great melody and drives all the way and this song is right up my street, nice one boys ride until we die!

Jeffrey A. Swanson / President / Dark Star Records adds, “The New Album ‘Spit‘ by Trip 6 is Angry and Heavy as Hell!

With major influences such as Sabbath, Slayer, Pantera and Motorhead to name a few. Trip 6 is heavy hitting right out of the gates.

With a lineup of Victor Pedraza on drums aka Vulgar Vic… the destroyer of drum sets with his hard pounding beats. He is well known in the music scene and was part of numerous local bands such as D-Connect and then Vulgar.

Next to the stage is Chicago’s own Kevin Munster aka The Show. Born of many homegrown bands such as Gagging Maggots, Mary Janes, The Infamous and Vulgar. If you like a deep throbbing bassline, Kevin is your guy. Many people have compared his style to the famous Geezer Butler.

Bringing in the talent of Nate DeVan from Philly… yes Philadelphia adding in creative lyrics and a killer front man style. You’ll enjoy every song as Nate gives the audience every ounce of energy.

Add in Tim Matlock from Bludgeon, Hazardous Youth and Vulgar. Tim is always bringing it to the stage showcasing his hard core riffs that will grab you instantly.

Mix it all up and you get an incredible sound, a modern touch to old school metal…Trip 6.

Who knows?  This could be metal genius.  In 2019 while on tour with Steve Grimmett, ‘At The Gates Tour‘ he would tell his fans to “keep an eye out for this band they are going places”. That is truly up to you, the fans to make it reality. Give it a good listen and let us know what you think.  Your opinion means the world to us.

Line up:
Victor Pedraza – drums
Kevin Munster – bass
Nate DeVan – vocals
Tim Matlock – guitar

Spit‘ can be pre-ordered: Here

The One
Hit Man
Push Back
Dead To Me
Stand Up

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