Arc Arrival Announce New EP On The Way!

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Arc Arrival are a metal band hailing from Stirlingshire, Scotland. The current line up was completed in 2018 with new vocalist Greg Dick giving the band a different direction to their music. A semi-final slot in Glasgow’s Metal 2 The Masses competition shortly followed giving Arc Arrival the determination to progress further, knowing that they were on the right path musically.

Since the release of their single ‘Wartorn’ in April 2019, the band have been refining their style with aggressive soundscapes, melodic guitars and both heavy and clean vocals, encapsulating their intense and modern sound.

C.H.A.O.S.’ is the title of Arc Arrival’s debut EP and is set to be released on 30th October 2020

C.H.A.O.S.’ is a project the band have taken to heart. Arc Arrival explain: “The current pandemic has put us in a position where we have had to record all our own parts from home rather than in a studio environment, with Mags mixing and mastering the tracks. This is Arc Arrival as DIY as it gets!”

The band continue: “We feel that each song brings something different stylistically to the EP. There are multiple dynamics and the songs take the listener on an aggressive but heartfelt journey into what we were feeling during the conception of the recordings. For example, the line “flagellum invictum”, taken from the track ‘Count Havoc Among Our Sins’, translates from Latin to “scourge indomitable” and sums up the force we bring upon ourselves through negative choices. They all make up a grand story about the sins we catch ourselves making and having to remake as we adapt. We end the EP with ‘The Human Condition’ which shows the sincerity we wish to encapsulate through our lyrics.

Arc Arrival | ‘C.H.A.O.S.’ EP Release date: 30.10.2020


1. Count Havoc Among Our Sins

2. Re:Birth

3. (Now We Shall)

4. Trigger The Silence

5. The Human Condition

Mixed and mastered by guitarist Mag Kiemer during lockdown in his home studio Cover artwork created by Jack Nugent plus vocalist Greg Dick

Line up:

Greg Dick (Vocals)

Mag Kiemer (Guitar)

Marc McGuire (Drums / Backing vocals)

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