Nelson Teams Up With Meethook.Live For Virtual Birthday Celebration

Famous for their incredible harmonies, musicianship and humor—multi-platinum recording artists and twin icons, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson are torchbearers of an American entertainment dynasty. Nelson fans will unite online to celebrate Matthew and Gunnar’s birthday, along with the Nelson’s over 30 years of hits on Sunday, September 20, 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Tickets are $10. This unique online event is being presented as part of the roll out of MeetHook.Live. The Nelson brothers have put together a virtual concert experience packed with their own hits, as well as shared memories of their iconic entertainment family.

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We love our fans and this is our idea of throwing our 53rd birthday party – virtually,Gunnar Nelson said. “This our chance to take advantage of the technology to bring people closer when we need it most.

The Nelson family has been entertaining audiences – in what they call ‘the people connection business’ – for well over 100 years. Their grandparents pioneered radio and television with The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet; their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee father, Ricky Nelson, ushered in rock and roll into American homes and helped establish the country rock sound; they cemented the Nelson family as the only family in history to have three successive generations of No.1 hit makers with their smash hit, the self-penned ‘(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection‘ from their multi-platinum selling debut album ‘After The Rain‘. Armed with just two guitars and two voices, it’s a virtual concert and a storytelling event with a nod to the past and a tap to the future. The siblings’ soaring harmonies and penchant for crafted song hooks includes additional Top 40 songs, ‘After The Rain‘, ‘Only Time Will Tell‘, ‘More Than Ever‘, ‘All Shook Up‘ and more recently, ‘This Christmas‘. Matthew and Gunnar are also in the midst of recording songs for their country rock project ‘First Born Sons‘.

The long time Nashville residents have never stopped touring and writing. Matthew and Gunnar demonstrate an ever-evolving sound that circles their unique harmony blend and acoustic base. They are in theirzone when it’s just their two voices and two guitars.

The Nelson Virtual Birthday Celebration marks the launch of MeetHook.Live, expanding on the site’s primary feature, which offers personal video calls with your favorite artists. Artists now have the ability to offer exclusive high-quality ticketed online events up to 3,000 paying fans. Not only will MeetHook.Live fill the need for the current bands not able to tour, it will be an added source of revenue for bands and artists once touring resumes. Visit MeetHook.Live or text 646-848-0226.

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