Dream Police Release New Single ‘My Blues And Rock’n Roll’

Norwegian rock band Dream Police have released a brand new single ‘My Blues And Rock’n Roll‘.

Formed in 1989, the band released two albums before they took a long break from 1992 to 2009! Today the original albums are hard to find and regarded as valuable collecting items. Both albums are available from iTunes store, Apple Music, as well as Spotify and Tidal.
The first album, ‘Dream Police‘, was remastered and re-released in Norway fall 2008.
To celebrate their 20th birthday the band did a reunion concert in Fredrikstad on May 30, 2009, and released the single ‘Wild World‘.
The band released 2 new singles in 2019; ‘Raw In The Middle‘ and ‘Here We Go Again‘, and are playing more gigs than ever! They are currently working on new songs….