Review: Mother Road – II

Review: Mother Road – II

(Release date to be confirmed)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Well here it is, the follow up to Mother Road‘s 2014 debut ‘Drive‘. I’m sure guitarist Chris Lyne will be glad not to have me nagging him about it anymore haha.

On vocal duty once again is the fantastic vocal talent of Keith Slack, accompanied by accomplished musicians Barry Sparks on bass and Zacky Tsoukas on drums.

Well what can you expect? If you liked / loved ‘Drive‘ then think ‘Drive‘ with an extra large helping of added umph, with more layers than a large onion!

Those bluesy undertones are all present, backed up with a splash of Hammond organ on ‘Without You‘ and horn section on ‘Cold Heat‘. The funkier side of thinks can be found on ‘Spread It All Around‘. While those unmistakable Mother Road sounding rockier numbers are all present and correct with the likes of ‘Matter Of Time‘ and ‘Side To Side‘.

A good litmus test of how I’m enjoying an album is how many times it gets played on repeat. And ‘II‘ has most certainly been played rather a lot already.

It takes not only commitment (or being commited to an asylum) but also a true love of music to keep producing music in today’s climate, and I’m not just talking about Covid-19, especially when your attempting to get a label to get behind your music. So I take my hat off to the guys for laying down what is without doubt one of my albums of the year.

With a tentative release date of end of 2020/early 2021, I hope that you folks will then be able to purchase a copy and enjoy ‘II‘ as much as I’m doing.

Remember, support artists and their music.