Sari Schorr’s ‘Never Say Never’ Album To Be Released On Vinyl

There’s something in the sound of vinyl that triggers a deep emotional connection between the listener and the music. The warmth and intimacy immerse us into the grooves themselves.

I’m pleased to announce that Sari Schoor’s ‘Never Say Never‘ album will become available on vinyl so you may experience the artist and her music in its most riveting and pure form. Sari’s album has been brilliantly mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin). We are very excited to offer you this compelling sonic experience with the release of Never Say Never on vinyl.

Alan Robinson / Founder Manhaton Records

Only £20 + P+P (Shipping from Manhaton Records from August 10th) Click Here to order.

Track listing:

Side 1
  1. King of Rock N Roll 3.52
  2. Thank You 3.39
  3. Ready For Love 5.24
  4. Freedom 3.46
  5. The New Revolution  3.54
Side 2
  1. Beautiful 3.39
  2. Turn The Radio On 3.38
  3. Maybe I’m Fooling 3.58
  4. Back to LA 3.46
  5. Valentina 4.42
  6. Never Say Never 3.36