Review: Thirteen Stars – Finest Ramshackle Jam

Review: Thirteen Stars – Finest Ramshackle Jam

Rock People Music (June 19 2020)

Reviewer: Grant Foster

The press release for this album name checks some mighty fine artists – Blackberry Smoke, Quireboys and the Black Crowes – so you hope, that what you’re going to hear isn’t burnt offerings.

What Thirteen Stars are, without doubt, is a slice of 70’s Americana. Perfect for the radio whilst cruising in a Chevy, or sitting in a bar downing Bud and Jack chasers in a mid hick town.

There is more than huge slice of Tom Petty pie in ‘Running So Long’ – ZZ Top in ‘Mint Jelly’ (love that title!) – the Crowes in ‘Give It Good’ and southern rock that is littered all over the place.

Yet, there are still surprises to be had. ‘Be There In The Morning’, drives us back to the 60’s – ‘Rebel’ add some soul into the mix – ‘Razor’s Edge’, has a progressive elongated intro which melds into a much darker feel and ‘Break It Down Slowly’, shuffles nicely and album closer ‘Only A Soldier’ is the southern rock classic.

It’s obvious that Thirteen Stars’ influences recorded a vast array of styles and genres and the band have followed that, which makes for a very interesting listen indeed. In fact, for those of that southern blue collar persuasion, they could be your new favourite band.