Nocturne Wulf Announce Release Of ‘Silver Hand’ Single & Video

Nocturne Wulfare a 5-piece heavy metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 2017, Nocturne Wulf have been non-stop since the start;from reaching the finales of Metal To The Masses 2018, a successful UK tour, performing at Wildfire Festival andthe release of their debut album ‘NW‘, the band have also just completed a more recent mini tour around the UK. The Nocturne Wulf train doesn’t stop, with plenty of things to look forward to throughout the remainder of the year! ‘Silver Hand’ is the latest single from Nocturne Wulf. The single is set to be released on 11th July 2020 and will be accompanied by a video.The track has been recorded, mixed & mastered by Richard Hunter and the video filmed by Adam Fitch Visuals.

Nocturne Wulf explain how the single came to life: “Silver Hand has evolved over the few gigs where we’ve performed it. It was the first song we added to our set after our debut album ‘NW’ was released. Since the addition of our two newest members, drummer Steven Strachan, and vocalist David Yates, we thought it was the right time to get Silver Hand recorded and get the new Nocturne Wulf line-up out there! ”As for the meaning of the track, the band continue: “The song takes influence from fantasy media, much like our previous songs based on books, movies, and video games. Silver Hand is based on World of Warcraft, but the lyrics can be taken as a message of never giving up in the face of annihilation!

Line up:

Chris Horne -Lead Guitar

Jamie Paterson -Rhythm Guitar

Steven Scott -Bass Guitar

Steven Strachan -Drums

David Yates -Vocals