The Norseman Company To Release First Single From ‘The Coming Of The Chord’

On June 5th, The Norseman Company will be releasing ‘Here Comes Rock And Roll‘, the first single from the band’s upcoming debut album ‘The Coming Of The Chord‘.

Geir Arne Dale, the man behind the band says “

Hi all!
FINALLY! The first ever song from The Norseman Company will be released on Friday June 5th! ‘Here Comes Rock And Roll‘ is the opening track on the album ‘The Coming Of The Chord‘, and is a perfect “happy rocker” with the 80’s written all over it! I have very little interest in telling people what to do, say or think, with my music. Rock and roll should be fun…and THIS is fun! ‘Here Comes Rock And Roll‘ will be available on all digital platforms. I’m so lucky to be able to talk to some labels about the release of the album, so more than this one song I can’t release. Nobody gives anyone a record deal if “half the record” is out there already, that’s only natural, so I just can’t do that. The YouTube version will include the intro to the album though: “The Gospel (According To Revenant Norse)”, so that will be the whole “opening package”!
But then:
FRIDAY JUNE 5 It’s just one thing to say:

Thank you all so very much for your support and patience! That’s HIGHLY appreciated for sure!
Cheers everyone from Norway!