Terra Atlantica Reveal Cover Artwork For ‘Age Of Steam’

Hamburg, Germany based Power Metal group Terra Atlantica today reveal the artwork for the upcoming album ‘Age Of Steam‘ which will be released on August 14th, 2020 via Pride & Joy Music.

The front cover was designed by Dusan Marcovic (Dragony, Symphonity).

This release, just like the debut, again offers a lyrical concept. The fictional story continues the saga of Atlantis and takes place in the 19th century. Atlantis arises again and, with its advanced technologies, heralds the start of the Industrial Revolution. The British Empire feels menaced by this new power and, by an act of treason, tries to eliminate the new rival in the fight for domination on the seven seas.

The orchestral arrangements again come courtesy of guitarist/singer Alex Hunzinger (Aeternitas) from Lübeck, Germany. Singer Oleg Rudych (Magistarium) and Gabriel Tuxen (Seven Thorns) appear as guests.

Produced by Trsitan Harders & Nico Hauschildt The mix and mastering was handled by Marc Wüstenhagen (guitars, Thunder And Lightning) from Berlin.

Track list:
1. Rebirth 1815
2. Across The Sea Of Time
3. Mermaids’ Isle
4. Age of Steam
5. The Treachery Of Mortheon
6. Forces of The Ocean, Unite!
7. Quest Into The Sky
8. Believe in the Dawn
9. Gates Of The Netherrealm
10. Rage Of The Atlantica War
11. Until the Morning Sun appears