Virtual Gig Guide: Updated

In an effort to help artists at this very challenging time we aim to try and post lists of virtual gigs.

This week:

Today from at 4pm there is Steam Aid 2020, for 12 hours, much more pop oriented, but Halestorm will have some tracks at 8:25 pm UK time: Click here
Rob Wylde with tracks from his career and maybe a new Midnite City track, starting at 7pm UK on FB Live: Click here

Saturday 28th March -Clare Free 9:30 PM ‘Live from The Living Room’ details from

Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th March- The Isolation Music Festival 1-6 PM details: Click here

Saturday, 28 March- Lockdown Music Festival 2 3.00 PM-11.30 PM: Click here

Saturday 28 March- Iain Ridgley’s First Ever Facebook Showcase- 12:30 – 23:00: Click here

Sunday 29 March- Dan Burnett live stream 6:30 PM: Click here

If you know of any or would like us to publicise your own livestream then please drop us an email to