Outlaw PR Changes It’s Name And Offers New Services To Musicians

Outlaw PR has been re-named ‘New Outlaw‘ and is now offering more than just PR services to musicians and bands.

Clare Free says:

Through my work, it has become obvious to me that once they are out of the studio, some musicians would really benefit from having someone to manage the album release for them.  I have found that although artists can get their music up on streaming sites, and hire someone (like me) to do their PR they are not really making enough of their album to get the best out of it especially when it comes to social media management, social media presence, merchandise, image, presentation, press packs, website and so on.  

So, I am now a fully signed up member of the Music Managers Forum and I am offering an ‘album release management’ service at an affordable price to help those artists get the very best out of their music.

I cover over 200 things in the strategy and release process which takes a great deal of pressure off the band, ups their game, and frees them up to focus on their music and bookings, something I don’t cover myself.

I also do graphic design and merchandise development for bands including album covers, posters, fliers, T-shirts/badges/other merchandise and so on you can see some examples of my work on my Instagram page.

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