The New Wave Of Rock N Roll – Album Launch Show Ahead Of Release

Rock Ain’t Dead! The capital awaits the New Wave…

This coming Tuesday 10 March, live at O2 Islington Academy, some of the brightest and fresh young guns on the blues/rock scene will perform live to celebrate the launch of a rather special vinyl compilation album.

The album, ‘Earache presents: The New Wave Of Rock N Roll‘ is released on Fri 13 March 2020 on Earache Records and the live album launch will feature five of the amazing 15 acts featured on the album.

Doors open at 7pm, with the first band soon after at 7:15pm. Tickets are available here
or on the door.

The live acts include:
Revival Black / Tomorrow is Lost / Jack J Hutchinson / The Dust Coda / Loz Campbell
The night will be compared by the legend that is Guy Bellamy, radio presenter and columnist and author of the album’s liner notes.

About the album:

With a long history of breaking fresh rock talent, Earache Records present a taste of what’s happening in rock n’ roll today with a strong emphasis on tomorrow. The ‘New Wave of Rock N Roll’ compilation is a vinyl-only album packed with fresh new talent and released on Fri 13 March 2020

Earache Presents: The New Wave Of Rock N Roll is available in a choice of three coloured vinyl variations – Black, Clear, Purple.

It is available to pre-order now at 

The compilation is a direct result of the success Earache have with other leading rock and blues-rock artists, including 2x Grammy-nominated Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement, Blackberry Smoke, Massive Wagons, Goodbye June and more recently, Those Damn Crows who hit No14 in the full UK album charts.

The tracklisting of this album was formed from months of research and suggestions by the Earache team, drawing on hundreds of discoveries to finalise on the 15 young pretenders included; all trying to fulfill their musical dreams. Days jobs supplement their night time musical passions and this album draws from a whole raft of professions… barbershop owners, teachers, strip club managers, electrical engineers, child protection officers, post office workers, museum journalists, pawnbrokers, baristas, to name but a few. All trying to make their way in one of the toughest businesses out there… the business of entertainment.

The acts themselves highlight the potential and quality of an emerging rock n roll scene, that draws plenty from the rock megastars of yesterday while striking out on their own musical path – who knows, we may be listening to the birth of the next Stones, Jett, Zeppelin, Bowie, Joplin or Springsteen.

The album also features a strong emphasis on female singers and performers in a genre not typically known for such and it’s a good 18mins into the album before you hear a male lead voice. Rock n roll is known for breaking down barriers and this New Wave continues to do so. 

Earache Presents: The New Wave Of Rock N Roll
Release date March 13th 2020
SIDE A (27:27)

01. Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones – Bomb Through the Breeze (02:45)
02. Tomorrow Is Lost – We Are the Lost (04:13)
03. Loz Campbell – Back Biting the Bullet (02:57)
04. Elles Bailey – Medicine Man (03:41)
05. Verity White – Inside Your Love (03:01)
06. Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – Black Diamonds (03:33)
07. Jack J Hutchinson – Justified (04:01)
08. The Dust Coda – Rock N Roll (03:16)

SIDE B (29:45)

01. Piston – One More Day (03:05)
02. Dead Man’s Whiskey – Last Train (03:50)
03. Revival Black – Wide Awake (04:24)
04. Gorilla Riot – Bad Son (05:08)
05. Samarkind – Black Rain (04:52)
06. SKAM – Take It or Leave It (03:12)
07. Maker – Dead Ends & Avenues (05:14)

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