Kuko De Kobra Release New Single ‘Missing A Love Bite’ On 25th Anniversary Of Richey Edwards Disappearance

On February 1st. 1995 a young man disappeared from a London hotel. Richey Edwards was the main lyricist and rhythm guitarist in the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers and was due to leave for America on a promotion tour with singer and guitarist James Dean Bradfield. James waited in the lobby – but Richey never showed up.

A couple of weeks later Richey’s car was found abandoned near the Severn Bridge.

No one knows what happened to him.

On the 25th anniversary of Richeys disappearance the Danish rock trio Kuko De Kobra release the single ‘Missing A Love Bite‘. A tribute to a young man who, according to bassist/vocalist John Sharling, most likely joined the 27 Club. Sharling wrote the song with his sister in December 2019 and the band recorded the song on January 11th. with Marco Angioni at Death Island Studio, Nykøbing Mors, Denmark.

Missing A Love Bite‘ is a sixties pop pastiche with a hard rocking twist. It shows Kuko De Kobra at their most melodic while still retaining a raw, soulful edge. Out on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and hopefully also on radio waves by the February 1st.

Missing A Love Bite

Music: John Sharling / Lyrics: John Sharling, Liselotte Graabæk

Guitars, production, mix, mastering: Martin Jepsen Andersen

Bass, vocals, synth: John Sharling

Drums: Morten Søndermark

Engineer and then some: Marco Angioni