Devilfire Release New Album Information & AAA Package

Heavy rock band Devilfire are set to change the way we release records.

With high expectations on their eagerly awaited second album, following their outstanding 2017 debut release ‘Dark Manoeuvres‘, Midlands and UK favourites Devilfire‘ are certainly making their mark on the music industry!

Not content to simply follow the status quo (forgive the pun) these innovative rockers are making the most of these uncertain times by releasing their new album, entitled ‘Black Soul Vendetta with the option of a subscription platform too.

Whilst fans can of course still pre-order the album as normal in physical format, which will be released on the 29th of May 2020, on both CD and vinyl. The band are also offering a subscription service called ‘Devilfire AAA‘ which will let fans hear the new tracks before the album release… for just £3 a month!

The first track will be waiting for fans upon signing up to AAA with a new track following every 2 weeks!

With ‘Devilfire AAA‘ fans will also join a exclusive community inside Devilfire‘s website! This will allow them to interact with the band directly, give their thoughts on the album as well as view videos and access content created entirely for AAA fans!

Lead singer, Alex Cooper, commented – “The new albums material is amazing and the fact that you can see a lot more with Devilfire AAA means that everyone gets a chance to see and experience what a band truly goes through when making a record. Also, it helps directly fund the band without any need for third parties. It’s different, we know that…. but! once you sign up you’ll see there is so much content you are entitled to that you would normally never get to see. It’s a true insight into the pain and emotion that comes from being in a band. If this way of releasing records catches on it could give the power back to bands!

The band is set to launch news of the new mega 14-Track album ‘Black Soul Vendetta‘ on November 1st.

As of November 1st fans will be able to ​pre-order the album or sign up to ‘Devilfire AAA‘ and hear the first new track straight away!

 Track Listing:

  1. Cruelest Animal
  2. Chasing The Pain
  3. Live A Lie
  4. Vendetta
  5. Dead Man Walking
  6. Dream Evil
  7. Justify
  8. Sell My Soul
  9. You’re Gonna Break My Heart
  10. What You Pay For
  11. Black Soul Bones
  12. Decadence
  13. Wasn’t It Love?
  14. Gimme Shelter

The physical release will be May 29th 2020.

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