Torture Squad Plays Historic Show With Chuck Billy At Rock In Rio

Old school Brazilian Thrash/Death Metal band Torture Squad played an amazing show with Chuck Billy from Testament a few days ago at one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the world, Rock In Rio.  The 4th day of the festival was the “Metal Day” and was the only day the festival was completely sold out, with more than 120.000 tickets sold. 

Singer Mayara Puertas said: -“It was a very special moment in our career, and was a huge pleasure to share the stage with Chuck, who is an influence for the band.

This epic show took place on the Sunset Stage, alongside bands like Nervosa, Claustrofobia, Anthrax and Slayer.

Torture Squad opened their set with their new single ‘Blood Sacrifice‘, a dancer with her body painted in blue made a representation of Hindu Goddess Makali, on whom lyrics are inspired. This song is from the previous album called “Far Beyond Existence”. That was soon followed by their classics “Raise Your Horns” and “Horror and Torture”. 

After that they called in Chuck Billy and Claustrofobia to play Testament’s classics ‘Disciples Of The Watch‘, ‘Practice What You Preach‘ and ‘Electric Crown‘ with around 60.000 people singing along.

Overall was a great meeting and an unforgettable day for the metal scene in Brazil. 

Torture Squad released recently a split with Living Metal.  Now the band is writing a new album and preparing a big tour in Europe for next year.