Fahran Vocalist Matt Black Releases ‘Beyond The Nether’ Non Fiction Novel

Fahran vocalist Matt Black has released a non fiction novel ‘Beyond The Nether‘.

Matt says:

This book is about my personal journey. It describes several life challenges I have encountered along the route so far, and reflects on the extent to which these events, situations and experiences have impacted and affected my mental health. Through this frank and descriptive timeline of scattered events, I lay bare the details of how my life, spiralling in flames of guilt, anxiety and depression, finally crashed into the cold, hard ground below. I describe how, eventually rising from the ashes, I discovered coping mechanisms and ways to heal, reflect and grow. This journey of personal development has radically improved my life and enabled me to spread a positive vibe to those around me. Whilst mental health is unarguably a serious subject, I have attempted to pepper the pages of this book with an element of humour. I have done this partly because I believe that finding the humour in any situation is essential to survival, but mostly because I know of no other way. The book, though only scratching at the surface of several complex issues, examines why some individuals may behave or react in ways which, to others, can appear irresponsible, selfish or unfair. It is not aimed at readers searching for a quick fix self-help guide to resolving their problems or mental health issues, but at people who have followed a similar path to mine and are seeking a better understanding of why. Perhaps some of you will find elements of the personal experiences I describe here relatable to your own reality or journey. If so, I hope that you will find some of the information shared, and the advice offered, in this book to be useful as you follow your own path. I proffer this book not as a ‘how to’ guide to life, if anything it is more of a ‘how not to’ guide as you will discover, but rather in the hope that some of you will find lessons and learnings for yourselves through my mistakes.

Grab your physical copy on Amazon here: Beyond The Nether on Amazon

Or download the Kindle Edition here: Beyond The Nether Kindle Edition