Tornado Babies Release 18 song Demo Album Via FnA Records

Those familiar with the Tornado Babies and have followed them through the years can tell you how they started off as a Glam Rock band, a la Hanoi Rocks, and eventually wound up as a rough and tumble Sleaze Rock band.  That’s whats great about this new album ‘Demo-lition‘ on FnA Records; the listener can follow the progression of the band from its humble glammy beginnings to a full-on Sleaze persona.  The listener will be taken on a journey through the years of 1988-1991 with 6 different incarnations of the band and two different lead singers.

Tornado Babies formed in a pub in London, England in 1987 by a bunch of guys from Gothenburg, Sweden who decided to form a band now that there weren’t any real rock n roll bands left – since Hanoi Rocks had stopped playing.  So they worked out the kinks, and line-ups and styles that different members brought to the band and this would eventually lead to a debut album ‘Eat This‘ released in 1991. The band was now on its way! After a number of gigs, videos, etc. it was time to enter a recording studio again and record the sequel ‘Delirious‘ which came out in 1993. The journey continued with gigs at festivals, Support act to Motörhead amongst others. There were also videos, TV appearances, etc.

New demos were recorded frequently and the evolution of a glam/punk band meandered its way to
the latter songs which slipped into Sleaze rock as the band was inspired by bands like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Love / Hate, and Rhino Bucket.

In brief, ‘Demo-Lition‘ consists of 1 Demo from May of 1988; 5 Demos from October of 1988; 4 Demos from March of 1989; 2 Demos from May of 1989 with a different singer; 3 Demos from May of 1990; and 3 Demos from March of 1981.  It should be noted that there is Lots of songs with coarse language (just the way we like it).

Johan from FnA Records (and European A&R for this project) stated “this is a great mixture and style of music from a band I Love…it shows depth and growth and changes all within one band following the twists in turns of the big hair 80’s and into sleazier grittier 90’s.  I am very pleased with how this project turned out.” In 1997, the last gig was played and the band was put on ice.

Many years later … In 2013, the boys met again and the desire to get together as a band was brought to life. Then and there, the “Debut album line-up” started playing again and the opportunity to play with Backstreet Girls in Oslo, Norway provided the glue that was needed to feel like a solid unit again.

2019 proves to be a very busy year for TB. In 2019, the Tornado Babies have a new release coming out on FnA Records. The album entitled ‘Demo-Lition‘ consists of 18 demo tracks recorded between 1988 and 1991. All of the tracks have never been released before; The tracks were recorded with many different incarnations of the band, yet still maintains that sleaze rock/glam rock vibe. Additionally, the band began to seriously write songs for a third album and will enter the studio and start recording very soon…