Review: Chantel McGregor – Bury’d Alive

Review: Chantel McGregor – Bury’d Alive

Tis Rock Music Ltd (Sept 6th 2019)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Chantel play live a few times, and I’ve enjoyed the previous releases of hers. I’m always intreagued to see which direction a live album is going to take, whether more studio like in sound or just too live (yes that is possible). Thankfully under the expert steering of Wayne Proctor‘s production, ‘Bury’d Alive‘ hits what I call the sweet spot. Great sound quality but still easily recognisable as a genuine live recording.

The album kicks off in fine style with one of my favorite songs by Chantel, ‘Take The Power‘, which is the opening track on her 2015 release ‘Lose Control‘.

Next up a stormimg live rendition of ‘Killing Time‘, again off ‘Lose Control‘. The tightness of the band is evident as the song sweeps you along with it’s pounding bass and drums and controlled guitar playing.

We slow things down for track three, the title track from ‘Like No Other‘. The combination of Chantel’s voice and accoustic guitar at the start is totally mesmorising, then the track gathers steam. The separation of the instruments and vocals in the mix is fantastic, with a real clarity and depth.

Caught Out‘ takes no prisoners with it’s energetic attack, if it doesn’t get your foot tapping then it must be nailed to the floor!

Eternal Dream‘ is next, another firm favorite of mine, Chantel’s vocals raising the hairs on my arms. An absolute delight.

Lose Control‘ is another energetic song, a shout out to drummer Thom Gardner & bassist Colin Sutton for such a storming engine department, helping to propel the whole song along at such a pace.

Inconsolable‘ again highlights Chantel’s vocal talents, her voice almost haunting, she just drags you in, gaining all your attention as you listen. There are just so many musical elements, beautifully encapsulated in this track.

Off ‘Lose Control‘ we have ‘Your Fever‘, another personal favorite (yes I’m a fan okay haha) Love the riff on this song!

We’re given a real treat next, ‘April’ only appears on ‘Bury’d Alive‘ and is nearly 8 1/2 minutes of musical prowess. If you need to hear just one track on this album to understand the level of talent, then this is the one. Think Steve Vai / Joe Satriani levels of instrumental goodness.

The penultimate song ‘Walk On Land‘ is yes another personal favorite, taken from ‘Lose Control‘ Can I put my finger on why I like it? Nope but it grabs me everytime I hear it.

And so sadly we reach track eleven, the final song. ‘Freefalling‘ is the perfect song to take us to the end. This is guaranteed to get any crowd on their feet and be allowed to be carried along to a triumphant climax.

So to sum up….If your already a Chantel McGregor fan the nthis is a must buy. If your not familiar with her music then this is a perfect introduction. Another potential entry for my top ten of 2019.