HRH Sleaze III – Preview

HRH Sleaze III – Preview

by Stephan Brophy

Here’s a quick preview of this weekends HRH Sleaze III Festival which once again will be taking place at the O2 Academy in Sheffield over the weekend of 31st August & 1st of September 2019. As with the last couple of years this is sure to be a lot of fun a great mix of different types of bands across the Sleaze and Rock genres. As always some up and coming Artists will be getting a great chance to expand their fanbase on the 2nd Stage, while some legends will be headlining the main stage. With bands spread evenly over both stages at this two day event there should be enough to hold everyones interest.

So let’s start with the with the Day 1 lineup

This year haven’t heard anything about Acoustic sets which are usually on before the venue fully opens as a bonus for the Royalty/VIP patrons – if they are on they should take place between 12pm and 2pm.


With a much more staggered start to Day 1 of the Festival, Stage 2 opens for business at 2pm. Lovebite are a sleazy rock band that certainly look the bill and their hard rock/sleaze music is bound to get people up and moving, hopefully they’ll have a decent crowd to get the weekend off to the perfect start.

Trophies Of Man

A rock band with tonnes of attitude, and another one to look forward to, these guys are hitting Stage 2 and have no doubt they will be getting the audience singing and moving. Lead singer has a bloody powerful voice but haven’t managed to catch these guys live before, yet.

Dust Bowl Jokies

Since the very sad announcement that the Jokies are calling it a day this particular set has taking on even more importance, if you haven’t seen them before then do your self a favour and get in early to check out their set. There’s a genuine passion is the delivery of the songs, Alexx is a great frontman who infuses the presence of some legends, last time I saw them I got a little Layne era Alice in Chains and some of the great sleazy rock singers of our generation. This will be an interesting one so make sure you are at Stage 2 at 4:20pm tomorrow.

Saints Of Sin

Just before the Jokies finish up on Stage 2 the Main Stage kicks off with the massive ball of energy that is Saints of Sin trying to drag everyone kicking and screaming along with them. This is a real hard rock band with a bit of a pop edge, and live they really are like a coiled spring just being released. This will be one of their first shows with out second guitarist Sophie, so it will be interesting to see what change that has made to their overall sound, but should still be a lot of fun.

The Main Grains

Having seen Danny playing a couple of times already this summer with the Wildhearts it’s great to see The Main Grains on the bill for Sleaze, they could easily fit into a number of the HRH event lineups. Punky, Rock and Roll, bring it on and lets hope it translates well with the crowd, I think it will. There is a lot of homegrown talent on the lineup this year.

The Cruel Intentions

Back over to the Stage 1 to catch The Cruel Intentions, there could definitely be some running around over the course of the weekend. Playing on the back of their excellent debut No Sign Of Relief which came out last September, this could be a very Happy Birthday for the Norwegian quartet. Probably the most aggressive and heaviest band of the weekend they should not be missed, if they sound anything live like they do on record this will be a monster set.

Daxx And Roxane

Closing out the 2nd Stage on Day 1 are the excellent Daxx And Roxane, another band that have released some cracking material in the last year with their album “Ticket To Rock”. This band is definitely well worth checking out and could be one of the bands of the weekend.

Rocky Shades Wrathchild

Of all the artists on show this weekend Rocky’s Wrathchild is possibly the one I’m most worried about while at the same time thinking this could be the set of the weekend, anything could happen with this one, but I’m sure either way they will put 100% into their set and it won’t be boring.

Crash Diet

The Swedes are chomping at the bit right now with a new album on the way and the band really eager to get out and play new and older music we should be confident of a smashing set. Really looking forward to hearing Gabriel Keyes live and songs off the forthcoming album. Add to that a mix from the excellent previous albums and we should be in for a hell of a set. Simon Cruz was always a very striking frontman but perhaps Gabriel is the one to take this band where it should be.


Davy Vain and the guys will hopefully blow us all away to close out what looks like being a cracking first day. There have undoubtedly been some gaps through their career, but the really great thing is that the band is almost the complete original lineup with the exception of Joel Proto who stepped in for original guitarist Danny West back in 2016. The tracks from their debut album still hold strong today and I’m certain they will go across well with the crowd..

Day 2 –

As with the first day of the Festival there will be two more Acoustic Sets on Stage 2 to kick off the day for VIP/Royalty Ticket holders, as yet they have yet to announce the Acts so it will be a nice surprise on the the day.

Fallen Mafia

Opening Stage 2 will be Fallen Mafia, definitely a Rock rather than Sleaze band, but that shouldn’t make any difference here, the audiences for these Festivals tend to be very open to everything and if they like it they will let you know. One of the few female fronted bands on over the two days should provide a nice contrast to some of the other bands which is never a bad thing.

Sykko Dolllz

People are sadly going to have to be making some choices with clashes, the excellent Sykko Dollz will be smashing minds on Stage 1 while over on Stage 2 Doomsday Outlaw will be trying to do the same over there. The Dollz are not only a cracking band that draw an audience in but also such a visual delight. Doomsday Outlaw have been getting a lot of good press since signing with Frontiers and should provide a nice contrast on the other stage.

Trench Dogs

Next clash is the battle of the Dogs, for me it’s gotta be Trench Dogs (Stage 1) as I’ve seen Midnight Dogs (Stage 2) before, but will hopefully be able to catch a little of their set and take some shots. Of course that option isn’t available for everyone, but toss a coin and go with which ever band is lucky enough to get you. Trench Dogs are 100% Sleaze with a punky edge, and the London outfit are going to be raring to go, Midnight Dogs are much more of a Rock ‘n’ Roll band, and if you are ok going up and down stairs split the set in and give your attention to both.

Knock Out Kaine

It’s like a massive battle of the bands on Day 2 of the Festival, next up on Stage 1 are Knock Out Kaine, who were once again excellent at HRH AOR earlier in the year, while over on Stage 2 are Takeaway Thieves who I don’t know a whole lot about, fairly new outfit having only been created last year, but often there’s a band at a Festival you don’t know and they turn out to be one of your new Favourites, every band that takes to a stage is worth your attention if you don’t know them.

Stop Stop

Almost at the end of the massive clashes as the last couple of Stage 1 acts will have a clear run at it, but next battle is with Spanish mayhem kids Stop Stop (Stage 1) and UK Rockers Black Roze (Stage 2), two very different styles here and I will be doing my best to catch as much of both as possible.

The Idol Dead

Last of the evenings clashes is natuarlly probably the worse of them all, but at least The Idol Dead will be taking to Stage 2 a full 20 minutes before Reckless Love are due to start up over on Stage 1, so I’ll certainly be checking out the Dead’s set, a really cracking band that fully interact with the audience, great songs, great attitude and this will be a really fun set alongside their undoubted musical talents.

Reckless Love

The Finns are without heavy hitters in the Sleaze scene, undoubtedly there will be a number of female attendees getting closer to the front of the stage to catch a glimpse of Oli, lets be honest he rarely manages to keep his top on. But that’s not what this band is all about they are a top notch rock band that have released some cracking albums and always attempted to expand on what they have previously done. Expect a powerful and rocking set with a lot of fun thrown in.

Enuff ‘Z Nuff

Chip and the guys most recently played HRH AOR VI in 2018, and that was a really cool set, since then unfortunately they have lost guitarist Tony Fennell since then which is a real shame as he was a great fit. Replacing Tony is Alex Kane who briefly played in the band back in 1987, so an interesting move but we will look forward to seeing how they sound, some great songs are sure to be in the set and Chip himself has a very interesting and generally cool sense of humour.

Tyla’s Dogs D’amour

Headling Day 2 it’s Tyla’s Dogs D’amour, pretty much the top of the tree in the UK Sleaze scene, these guys were definitely the real deal, there’s been a massive amount of lineup changes over the years but Tyla’s always been there and they have always had a different sound to everyone else, this should be an interesting set, more than likely a greatest hits one.

As usual a good mix of different styles within the Sleaze/Rock genres, just a shame that the 2nd Stage Acts overlap so much but there’s a number that are well worth checking out, and for those lucky enough to have access to the Acoustic Sets definitely make the effort to get in early and check out something different from artists you know well doing something different.