Love And War Reveal Track Listing For Sophomore Album ‘Edge of the World’

Houston, Texas hi-energy melodic hard rock band Love And War have revealed the track listing for their new upcoming sophomore album ‘Edge of the World‘.

Track Listing:

Psycho Ride
We All Fall Down
Start Believin
Edge of the World
Strange Kind of Medicine
Mercenary Man
Final Destination
Southside Johnny
Sidewards Flight

In addition, Love And War has released the new advance title track ‘Edge of the World‘ from their upcoming 2nd album as a free mp3 download:

Love and War – “Edge of the World” free full song mp3 download

Rock / metal music fans of legendary bands: U.F.O., Michael Schenker, Van Halen and Scorpions will find something to enjoy throughout the new album’s songs.

Official Website