Space Vacation Announce California ‘Speed Of Sound Tour’

Space Vacation, the San Francisco, California (Bay area) true metal champions featuring ex- Vicious Rumors guitarist Kiyoshi Morganare are proud to announce their upcoming California ‘Speed Of Sound Tour‘ during May / June 2018.

Space Vacation lead singer / guitarist Scott Shapiro has checked in with the following comment:

Initiate countdown. We are getting ready to blast off. Its been a while since we hit the road but the landing module is ready and Petaluma, Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim and Oakland should brace for impact. We’re super hyped to take the show on the road and this California tour should be the start of some bigger things to come. If we’re not landing in your town this time, be on the lookout because we are planning to explore the Pacific Northwest toward the end of the summer ending in Ukiah, CA where we will be headlining the Redwood Metal Fest and then on to Europe in the Fall. Looking forward to drinking all your beer, smoking all your herb and leaving a wake of bangovers as we shred our way across time and space.Tootles.”

In other news, our new upcoming video is finally in production with an estimated mid summer release date, our guitarist Kiyo finally lost enough weight to fit into his leather pants again and our latest album “Lost in the Black Divide” is our best selling album to date.

Tour dates:

May 30 – Phoenix Theater – Petaluma, Ca
(supporting Anvil, ShadowSide, Metalfier and Tempest)

May 31 – Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
(alongside Ed Guage’s Steelwitch, Tzinami)

June 1 – The Bancroft – Spring Valley, CA (San Diego county)
(alongside Tzimani and Solar Haze)

June 2 – The Doll Hut – Anaheim, CA
(alongside Tyranis, Tzinami, Solar Haze, Meltdown)

June 5 – The Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
(alongside Railgun, Ninja Ghandi and Trecelence)

Space Vacation band line-up:

Scott Shapiro – Lead Singer / Guitars
Kiyo Morgan – Shredding Guitars
Kai Sun – Lead Bass
Cubby Baumann – Thunder

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