Ron Keel’s ‘Metal Cowboy: Reloaded’ Out On April 6

Keel frontman Ron Keel (Steeler) will have his 2014 solo album ‘Metal Cowboy‘ re-released as ‘Metal Cowboy: Reloaded‘ via EMP Outlaw/EMP Label Group on April 6, 2018 in Europe.

‘Metal Cowboy: Reloaded’ features remixed and remastered versions of the tracks from the original independent release, including fan favorites ‘Just Like Tennessee‘ and ‘What Would Skynyrd Do?‘.


1. My Bad
2. The Last Ride
3. Just Like Tennessee
4. Dead Man Rockin’
5. What Would Skynyrd Do
6. Singers Hookers & Thieves
7. Wild Forever
8. The Cowboy Road
9. When Love Goes Down
10. Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty
11. Long Gone Bad
12. Three Chord Drinkin’ Song (Live in Studio)
13. My Bad (Radio Version)

After a storied career that began as lead vocalist for Steeler, which would also go on to include guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, and selling millions of records under his eponymous Keel with classic albums ‘The Right To Rock‘ and ‘The Final Frontier‘ (both produced by KISS’ Gene Simmons), Keel veered off into brave new territory with the decidedly Southern Rock/Outlaw Country feel of ‘Metal Cowboy.

Originally released in 2014, ‘Metal Cowboy‘ was a bold new direction for Keel, pulling strongly from the playbook of Country and Southern Rock, while maintaining the powerful Rock edge and unmistakable powerhouse vocals Keel is known for. While Keel had some success in Country and Southern Rock after the dissolution of Keel (who reunited in 2008), ‘Metal Cowboy‘ definitively established Keel’s musical identity, although its genesis had far deeper roots.

“We (Keel) recorded a version of ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw‘ for Penelope Spheeris for the DUDES Movie Soundtrack that also features Megadeth, W.A.S.P., Steve Vai, and Jane’s Addiction. It ended up being a great cult film and I’d love it even if I wasn’t in it. That really was the genesis of the Metal Cowboy – ‘Outlaw‘ became my signature song, and ended up featured in the movie twice!”

Keel go on to form the Ron Keel Band, with a new powerhouse band featuring the best players the Midwest has to offer. While sticking to the earthy Southern charms of ‘Metal Cowboy, RKB showcases a new, rich musical fabric for Keel and his band mates.

Ron Keel Band:

Ron Keel – Lead Vocals/Guitar
DC Cothern – Lead Guitar/Vocals
El Diablo – Bass/Vocals
The Rev – Drums/Vocals
Dakota Scott – Keyboards/Vocals