Review: Volster – Perfect Storm

Review: Volster – Perfect Storm

ROAR Rock Of Angles Records (April 20th 2018)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

The Swedes continue their attempt to dominate the hard rock & melodic rock scene with another band releasing their debut album.

Volster first reared their heads back in 1996, recording a 4 track demo, and then lay dormant until 2013 when they decided to resurrect the band, keeping the same name and writing new material.

Volster was formed by Ulf Andersson and Henrik Lundberg, both previously of the band Masquerade. Ulf left to pursue other projects including House Of Heavy, while Henrik remained, the band releasing four albums in total.

Moving forward to 2018 and Volster are about to release their full length debut album ‘Perfect Storm‘. With the addition of Peter Tenning on vocals and Daniel Granlund (ex-Syconaut) on drums, the album consists of twelve tracks which are firmly planted in the hard rock genre.

To my ears the band sound almost Lynch Mob like, they certainly sound like they wouldn’t of been out of place back in the late 80’s / early 90’s, but that certainly doesn’t mean they sound dated.

To quote myself (is that allowed?) ‘if I don’t like the vocalist regardless of the rest of the band then I don’t like an album’. Thankfully Volster are safe with Peter Tenning delivering a superb performance. The rest of the band certainly ain’t slackers neither!

If your after a decent slab of hard rock to crank up then you really can’t go wrong with ‘Perfect Storm‘.

Current stand out tracks for me are ‘Still In Love‘, ‘Babylon‘ and ‘Drifting Away‘.

Highly recommended.