Review: Mark Slaughter – Halfway There

Review: Mark Slaughter – Halfway There

EMP Label Group May 2017

Reviewer – Dan Mann

Hard rock fans will be more than familiar with Mark Slaughter, originally lead singer for Vinnie Vincent Invasion and then Slaughter. Mark released his last solo effort ‘Reflections In A Rear View Mirror‘ in 2015, and now he’s back with his new solo release ‘Halfway There‘.

Leading us into the album is ‘Hey You‘, an unashamedly late 80’s / early 90’s staple hard rock track. That’s not an issue as far as I’m concerned. I know it’s fashionable in certain circles to dismiss such music, but for me it’s almost nostalgic and just the sort of thing to boost your day!

There are obviously going to be large similarities with the Slaughter sound, but what Mark has done once again is mix in a few different approaches. Examples being ‘Supernatural‘ & ‘Conspiracy‘.  The ballads are there too, with ‘Forevermore‘ and ‘Not Here‘.

If I’m going to compare this with Reflections, I’d say for me personally this album took a couple of plays and then it really started to grab me. A grower for sure and one that will certainly please a fairly wide audience taste wise.