Rock Candy Magazine April – May Edition Now Available

Most of you will be familiar with Rock Candy Records, who are responsible for re-releasing an extensive catalogue of  rock albums that have re-mastered with extra tracks and extensive sleeve notes.

Well those fine people have launched their very own magazine, crammed full of music news and stories from those artists you grew up with. Rock Candy Magazine is a bi-monthly, 100-page rock publication written by music journalists, who for those of you who read Kerrang etc back in the 80’s, & early 90’s, will be very familiar with.

We wanted to read a magazine that cared whether Aerosmith’s ‘Rocks’ is better than ‘Toys In The Attic’, whether Maiden were mightier with Di’anno than Dickinson, whether Journey’s ‘Escape’ is the greatest AOR album ever and if Rob Halford bought his stage gear from M&S. Or was it S&M?

This is the kind of stuff that has kept Derek Oliver, Howard Johnson and Malcolm Dome awake for years. Throughout the ’80s they had endless arguments about the minutiae of metal over beers in the Coffee House pub next door to the old Kerrang! offices in London’s Carnaby Street. They’re still at it today. Amazingly, they’re still friends.

Derek has run rock re-issues label Rock Candy Records for over 10 years. But he thought it was time we got back to our roots to produce a magazine that was loud and proud the way Kerrang! used to be in its heyday.

We don’t do demographics, market intelligence, focus groups or anything else that people wearing suits do. We produce a magazine about the greatest era of rock there ever was. And that’s about it, really…

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