Review: Rainbreakers – Rise Up EP

Review: Rainbreakers – Rise Up EP

April 2017

Reviewer: Dan Mann

The Rainbreakers are another young British blues rock band who are taking huge strides in what is a pretty healthy scene here in the UK. Whether the scene is encouraging new bands & artists or whether it’s the other way around doesn’t really matter if the end result is the amount of great music we’re on the receiving end of.

Having already got the band’s previous 4-track release ‘Blood Not Brass‘, which I bought after catching them at the Beaverwood Club, I’m pretty much up to speed so to speak with the band’s music and direction. ‘Rise Up‘ follows in the same vein, highlighting just how accomplished this four piece are. From the opening bars of ‘On My Own‘, the production quality courtesy of Robin Andrews just shines through, with clear, not shrill treble and a fabulous punchy bass.

With the vocal talents of Ben Edwards, the less is more guitar of Charlie Richards, and the rock solid rhythm supplied by messers Peter Adams & Sam Edwards, you are presented with a foot tapping sound that draws you in and demands that you pay attention!

Without a doubt the two tracks that I have played over and over are the laid back ‘Waiting On You‘ with it’s almost soul like qualities, and the last track on the EP, ‘Living Free‘ which sees the band change up a gear and let loose more. On future releases I’d certainly like to see a few more tracks in that vein to compliment the more mellow tunes.

Well the Rainbreakers are without doubt yet another band you need to keep your eyes and of course ears on, look forward to seeing what they have in stock for the future..