Jeff Scott Soto Announces New Direction For SOTO


Jeff Scott Soto has made the following announcement:

As mentioned a few months ago, SOTO parted ways with our label & after much deliberation, we have decided to forge ahead independently as we continue to bring you new music into the future.

I’m not divulging anything new on how the music business has dramatically changed so much the past years…but we decided to change with it and our plan starts with YOU in mind later this week.

As a gift to you all for the holidays, we have recorded our own heavy version of the incredible Michael Jackson song ‘Give In To Me’ and are giving it to you FREE as a digital download!

There is an accompanying video being pieced together by the talented Brian Z, younger brother of David, who directed and produced the ‘Unblame’ video for us that we’re hoping coincides with this new track.

From there, we will be releasing for purchase a new song digitally, about every month, once we return from the upcoming tour instead of the traditional long play CD. This not only allows us the time to work on songs individually but gives us a chance to put the quality behind each track instead of cramming to create an entire album in one go.

We’re mixing and mastering the giveaway now as I write this, info on where and how to get it will be widespread & easy to find…we think you’re gonna dig it!!! JSS

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