Jetboy To Release ‘Off Your Rocker!’ EP September 30th

Jetboy are set to release the ‘Off Your Rocker!EP on September 30th on City Of Lights Records.

The EP was originally only released in the US in digital format, but now it will be available as a European Edition CD, complete with bonus track ‘Stolen People‘. The band was founded in 1983 by guitarists, Billy Rowe & Fernie Rod, and went on to release six albums, their debut album ‘Feel The Shake‘ being released in 1988.



01. Perfectly Wrong

02. Going Down (From Above The Clouds)

03. Dogs Gotta Roam

04. High Gear [Live]

05. Crank It Up [Live]

06. Losin’ Streak [Live]

07. Stolen People *(Bonus Track)


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