Great White ‘Metal Meltdown’ Released November 4th


Great White are set to release a brand new live DVD / CD ‘Metal Meltdown’ on November 4th.

It is part of a series of DVD’s, the others being Twisted Sister, Extreme & Skid Row.

Track listing:

1. (I’ve Got) Something For You
2. Desert Moon
3. Lady Red Light
4. Face The Day
5. Shot In The Dark
6. House of Broken Love
7. The Angel Song
8. Save Your Love
9. Mista Bone
10. Big Goodbye
11. Can’t Shake It
12. Hard To Say Goodbye
13. Rock Me
14. Once Bitten Twice Shy
Mark Kendall —Guitar
Michael Lardie —Keyboards & Guitar
Scott Snyder — Bass
Audie Desbrow — Drums
Terry Ilous — Vocals