Flames Of Fury Looking For New Bassist

Flames of Fury

New York / New Jersey based female fronted melodic power metal band Flames Of Fury is seeking a permanent bassist to join the band and perform on future tours. Currently the band is performing with bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X / Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins).

Vocalist Angelica Valkyrie has checked in with the following comments:

While we have been so happy and honored to have Mike LePond perform with us onstage as our guest bassist, he’s definitely busy! So now, the band has come to a crossroads, where we really have to have a permanent bassist with us for future touring. So help us get the word out to all potential candidates, as we are counting on securing a worthy replacement to join the band permanently.”

“We have also been looking for a way to give back to the fans and completing a new lyric video for the song “I Burn” off of our self titled debut ep, has been on our mind for a very long time! I know it’s a fan favorite and I can’t wait to release it when it’s finished in June.”

“Last, we continue to work on finalizing our upcoming blazing debut album “Firestarter“, which we hope to independently release later in the year.”

Line up:

Angelica Vargas: Vocals
Jason Perez: Lead Guitar
Paul Duthil: Rhythm Guitar
Mike LePond: Bass (Symphony X / Silent Assassins)
Marc Capellupo: Drums



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