The Evilution Of Evilyn Strange Due On March 7th


The ‘Evilution‘ of Evilyn Strange will be released on March 7th through Thirteen772 Music. Featuring five tracks, the EP precedes a new 11 track album to be released later in the year.

Frontman Phillip Strange and guitarist Mikael Johannesson have written a hard rocking follow up to debut album Mourning Phoebe. Says Phillip,
“We’re definitely rocking a lot more this time out even though it wasn’t what I would call a conscious decision. We sat down and threw all sorts of influences into the mix with no restrictions. Mike’s playing on ‘Evilution’ is phenomenal, he’s on fire!”

Each of the five songs brings a unique flavour to the table. Continues Phillip, “The opening track ‘Let It Rain’ deals with the inevitable bumps in the road that life throws at you. The message is simple, do what’s right for you and yours; don’t let anyone hold you back or put you down… believe in yourself!
‘Invisible Man’ is about the side to you that you lock away from the rest of the world, where internal battles can make or break you. It’s about fighting your demons and keeping your head above water. It’s something most of us struggle with but is rarely discussed openly.”

Track three ‘Storm Clouds’ is perhaps the heaviest that Evilyn Strange have ever sounded. Says Phillip, “Mike wrote this insane riff with a thunderous rhythm part. I got really excited by it and we ended up with ‘Storm Clouds’, a real headbanging anthem. The subject matter is about getting yourself in a spot of bother by not thinking things through. It’s that common trap of being so focussed on one thing that the important things pass you by. I’m sad to say it’s very
autobiographical, ha, ha!”

“The last two tracks, ‘ Never’ and ‘Stay’ are possibly the most obvious links to ‘Mourning Phoebe’. ‘Never’ is about struggling against the odds and trying to achieve the seemingly impossible. It’s often on the eve or succeeding that you feel at your lowest… hang in there!”

Of the final track ‘Stay’, Phillip concludes, “Some situations are so painful it’s all too easy to bury your head in the sand or run away. Of course, you can’t run from reality so eventually it’s gonna bite you on the ass one way or the other. Sometimes it’s better to stand and fight, however painful that may be.”

Produced by the band, ‘Evilution’ will be available to pre-order, from
January 27th, in the CD format and digitally via iTunes, Amazon,
Spotify and other popular providers.


1. Let It Rain
2. Invisible man
3. Storm Clouds
4. Never
5. Stay