Daylight Robbery – Falling Back To Earth


Daylight Robbery – Falling Back To Earth

Reviewer: Dan Mann

It’s great to finally get to listen to not only new material from Daylight Robbery, but their second album no less.

I really enjoyed the band’s first album ‘Cross Your Heart’ and their performance at the inaugural HRH AOR in Rotherham went down well with fans & critics alike.

The keyboard infused intro of ‘Into the Arena’ launches you into territory which for those of you familiar with the band is instantly recognisable as Daylight Robbery. Tony Nicholls vocals, strong as always, with just the right mixture from the rest of the band. I say that because there is a tendency with some releases to overemphasise certain instruments, at the detriment of the others and the over all mix.

The rest of the band being keyboardist David Billingham, who by adding piano into the mix as well as the usual keyboards enhances the feel and vibe. Guitarist Mark Carleton gives the album good solid guitar work without making the breaks overindulgent and egotistical. And then there’s the rock solid rhythm section of Colin Murdock on bass and Chris Miller on drums underpinning everything.

The album was produced by the band themselves and mixed by Sheena Shea (Magnum, Robert Plant, TNT etc…) And a well produced and mixed release it is too thankfully. I would have been so disappointed if the album had been let down in these areas.

‘Samarah Never Sleeps’ is a track I’m already familiar with it having been released as a single back in the Summer. As I’ve played it quite a few times previously it’s almost like an old friend so to speak.

I absolutely love the instrumental break two thirds into the track ‘Paradise Is Lost’, fabulous stuff indeed.

What you get is a strong melodic hard rock album, one that can certainly stand with it’s head held high.

Listening to this album I begin to wonder why the hell this band aren’t a lot bigger on the scene. This stuff ticks every box, or it does in my humble opinion.

And they’re a great bunch of blokes into the bargain!

Okay, I’m somewhat biased, as I’m obviously a fan of this band. However, those of you who know me, know only too well that if this album hadn’t hit the mark for me, then I would of written a totally different review altogether