DGB Back With A New Album


The DGB, previously known as The Danny Giles Band have been a firm favorite for quite a few years. So it is great news that they will be releasing their debut album in a couple of months.

Pre-release copies of their debut album ‘More Is More’, are now available  from their website www.thedgb.co.uk

The DGB is a marriage of classic and modern musical values; tipping its hat to the past, living in the present and looking towards the future – combining great songs, a great sound and stunning musicianship, all wrapped up in a modern formula.

The trio of Danny Giles (Guitar & Vox), Pat Garvey (Drums) & Jon Chase (Bass) bring you their brand of full-blooded rock with a twist of blues, gospel and soul, spiriting a no nonsense attitude & paying very little, if any attention at all to any of the boundaries placed before them.



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