Mitch Laddie Band – Live In Concert


Mitch Laddie Band – Live In Concert

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Mitch Laddie & his band return with their third album, this time a ‘live’ affair.

Having seen Mitch & the band in concert, it’s great to have a release that reflects  not only the exemplary playing by Mitch, but the tightness of the whole band.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mitch Laddie Band, they are primarily labeled a blues act, but that doesn’t accurately reflex the varying styles you find on the albums & live.

What you get is a combination of blues, rock, funk and jazz fusion which may sound a little mad, but far from it. What you get are punchy, foot tapping tunes and professionalism that doesn’t reflect how young they are.

And so, to the album itself. Kicking off with ‘Awakening/Time Is Running Away’ off the 2012 ‘Burning Bridges’ release, your straight away thrust into a tight  & well produced sound of the type I personally love. Too many albums these days seem to just have everything cranked up with no subtlety between instruments and acoustics.

Then onto ‘So Excited’ a track I’d say is very much a traditional blues riff & format. Defiantly one for you blues purists out there.

‘Getting It Right’ is another track off the ‘Burning Bridges’ release and very reminiscent of the sort of music that fellow British blues guitarist Oli Brown is releasing. And trust me, that ain’t a bad thing!

‘Linger’ is new to me, and has a slight jazz funk vibe to it. But as I said earlier if this don’t get your foot tapping then you ain’t got soul.

Next up we have a real favorite of mine, again off the ‘Burning Bridges’ album. The track in question being ‘Paper In Your Pocket’ With soaring guitar work by Mitch and a solid bass line, it’s a song to be played again & again.

‘Float on By (Butterfly)-What is Hip’ a fantastic title of a song and at 9 minutes 52 seconds  long not  a quick dip into the blues. A very complex song in terms of structure and one the band play without any hint of a problem live. Again I cannot emphasize how tight this band is.

‘Inner City Blues’ from ‘Burning Bridges’ is next, and presents us the listener with some wonderful soaring blues guitar, highlighting the skill and ability of Mitch Laddie.

‘What Are You Living For?’ is up next with a nice little drum intro to start us off. Leading us into a smooth, laid back kind of  vibe.

Well the funk style guitar is evident straight away on ‘This Time Around’ off Mitch’s first album of the same name, and the old foot starts tapping away as I listen. Just a great bass line once again, underpinning the whole song.

‘Mr Johnson (Revisited)’ is one of my favorite Mitch Laddie tracks. It is of course playing tribute to Mitch’s favorite guitarist, Eric Johnson.  Just love this song, a great laid back number which fans of Eric Johnson will easily see the connection.

‘Open Your Eyes (Take it Back)’ Oh the glorious funkiness of it. Love it!

And so, unfortunately, to the final track of the album. Unfortunately? Well because it’s the last track! But with ‘Them Changes’ being over 10 minutes long it helps ease the pain so to speak haha.

To sum up, a fabulous live album.